E-Commerce Development

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According to latest studies, global eCommerce sales has surpassed 1.5 trillion. As the competition increases, eCommerce is also evolving from simple product management to creating modified associations between marketers and patrons.

Sphinx Solution is one of the leading eCommerce development company having global clients including the US, India, Singapore, Middle East, Europe and across the world. Our multidisciplinary, eCommerce team comprised of PHP programmers, cloud specialist and theme integration experts whose in-depth knowledge is devoted in providing flexible and robust solution to small and medium organization so that their online store can overwhelm it’s all stakeholders.

Our eCommerce Services to give an astounding Buying & Shopping Experience


Magento eCommerce Development

We offer the most suitable solution to small as well as large organization with respect to building their website in Magento. As Magento’s numerous user-friendly features allow it to play an impressive role in an eCommerce store’s success, our experienced team of Magento developers takes the complete handover of vendor’s site with respect to providing attractive graphic themes and improving the customer’s experience thereby making it up-to-date and user-friendly.

At Sphinx Solution, our proficient Magento team comprises of PHP programmers, cloud specialists and theme integration experts who have an in-depth knowledge of fine tuning your eCommerce store for performance, load balance, speed and security. We provide Magento eCommerce solution based on latest & futuristic technologies to provide the flexible, scalable & robust solution to retailers and international brands.

 Our talented and experienced Magento developers make use of the super Magento technology in offering our client an unmatched combination resulting in

Performance Tuning

CMS Extension Development

ERP & 3rd party API Integration

Premium Template Integration

Theme Design and Customizations

Easy data movement with data flow

Multiple site administration writes to merchants

Quick price change effect on whole site

Ship to multiple addresses

Single page checkout system



In today’s time Omnichannel has been the epicenter for a retailer’s success as it supports businesses to easily manage content and product online. At Sphinx Solution we help you add fuel to your retail business with the help of an essential ecommerce platform named as OsCommerce.

There are abundant of eCommerce platforms and solutions; OsCommerce is a vibrant input to it. Due to its various benefits thousands of certified online stores are based on OsCommerce.

Over the years we have specialized in creating successful online stores; which has taken us to successfully offer world class offshore OsCommerce development services to our global clients. Our OsCommerce development team has top notch creative and rational developers who carry the experience of building more than hundred custom OsCommerce online stores, shopping carts and applications.

We follow the best coding standards in the industry and focus on our client’s every need so that we are successful in delivering OsCommerce solutions that will stand up to the diversified expectation of our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

We offer following OsCommerce services

OsCommerce store design & development

Enhancement, migration and maintenance of existing OsCommerce website or store

OsCommerce Custom Application or module Development

Payment Gateway Integration

Shopping Cart Development

Third Party Application Integration



Whether you wish to create a new site or migrate an existing site to Woocommerce, at Sphinx we create engaging, intuitive and highly profitable ecommerce solutions. Our development services takes your WordPress site to the next level by creating powerful and extendable ecommerce designs, plug-ins, themes and resources which come equipped with smart, innovative and useful features.
Why choose Sphinx for Woocommerce?

Get reasonably priced Woocommerce development services

Expert developers provide excellent and advanced eCommerce solutions and continue with this

We combine our proficiency with WooCommerce benefits to boost your online presence

Our assistance is with you 24×7 365 days a year

We are reputed in delivering projects on time and within budget without fail

Why WooCommerce

  • Checkout and PayPal Gateway integration does a value addition to your payment modes and application.
  • Offers simple offline gateways like cash on delivery, cheque payments and BACS
  • Shipping process charges have flat rate and can also come free with coupons and other mode
  • Allows in cross-selling and up-selling
  • Helps in international and regional delivery also with pickups to provide advantage of multi location shipping
  • Proper tracking of eCommerce with the help of Google Analytics
  • Share This, Share Your Cart and Share Daddy components to allow customers to redeem coupons or indulge in shared purchases with friends.
  • It allows sharing cart and other components so that customers can use coupons or get involved in shared purchases along with friends
  • It supports various extensions and plug-ins for better features and functionality


Our commitment towards eCommerce is with the vision and focus to set up new standards so that online shopping and selling  experience  of users and businesses can be enjoyable. We are talented in every aspect of OpenCart which we use in designing, developing and customizing nice and functional eCommerce websites.

We design products for maximum compatibility with third party themes and plug-in along with guaranteeing new features, less bugs and friendly support whenever you need it.

Custom Development

Custom Development

Every eCommerce store has different requirements, feature and functionality to handle their diversified needs, clientele etc. To address your complex digital problem, e.g. custom dashboard, product management, reporting, payment and shipping integration, order management, shopping feeds, m-commerce skilled consultant and programmer craft a perfect retail store to enhance the value and brand image of your business while providing your store with appealing and engaging features.

Sphinx Solution provides following (but not limited) services

Custom Integrations
Payment Gateways, Shipping Carriers, Freight Carriers, Fulfillment Centers, Shopping Feeds, Product Feeds, Order Management Softwares, Dropshippers, Tracking Scripts, Conversion Scripts

What makes us specialized in eCommerce & Shopping Cart Development


Customized e-Commerce

At Sphinx Solution we understand that each client has different requirements, expectations, objectives and clientele. Our custom e-commerce services empower clients to completely manage the look, appearance, performance features & functionality of their shopping cart. These services are based around template customization, module & plug-in development, intitutive design of store visuals & themes, payment gateway integration, product reviews, social plug-in along with support & ticketing system services.

Our beautiful customized e-commerce application development ensures security and user experience to gives you the ability to manage endless products, categories, vendors, shipping options and taxation. It also highlights similar products to increase sale opportunities, track customer purchase and present critical business reports of your website.

Mobile Optimized Store

Mobile Friendly e-Store Development

With the immense increase of smart phones and tablets, customer’s expectations have also increased with respect to easily accessing your e-commerce store from these devices. Considering this we provide an enjoyable mobile experience to your customers so that your e-commerce site can easily be viewed and navigated by them resulting in increased customer engagement and keeps you active in the mobile commerce market

Sale Enhancing Features

Sale Enhancing Features

Our tailor made e-commerce solution provides an interactive & simple platform that is easy to use and is compatible with your e-commerce store’s need. We offer you better cart page loading speed and a reduced checkout process to single page thus draining out all complexities. All these rank your e-commerce store as effective and enhanced; allowing the sales graph to score high, thus keeping you ahead of competition. This simplified shopping process offers an un-matched and pleasing experience to your customers; encourages and edicts them to your e-commerce store’s products and services consequently results in increased sales figure.

User Centric Design
User Centric Desing

User Centric Design

Our design methodology is customer centered and based on international usability standard. We understand and evaluate the user’s need, task, and environment thoroughly and focus on user experience in the entire design and development. Our every action is followed by understanding what customers want, their behavior, attitudes, and the nature of the goals you expect them to accomplish to increase the performance, brand value and ROI of your store.


One Page Check Out

Have you noticed your customers are frequently leaving the shopping cart without finishing the checkout process?
One step Checkout boosts your online sales, gives more conversion and your shoppers’ ample opportunities to buy more and enhance their shopping experience.
Our One step Checkout service gives your customers

Simplified 1 Page Checkout Interface

Options to select various or same shipping address

Various payment options

Various discount coupons to take the benefit of any discount available

Interactive check out experience

Responsive One step Checkout design

Give your shoppers the most enjoyable shopping experience with your shopping cart. Don’t delay in getting One step Checkout now which is the single most effective technical change we can do to increase your sales!

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