content marketing for your mobile application

When the app market is actually crawling with more than 3 million apps, you need a sound content strategy to promote the product. Oftentimes, marketers lack resources and content ideas to launch their ambitious mobile apps. An effective content marketing for mobile apps offers you a distinctive brand, loyal users and

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5 Quick tips for a hack-proof mobile app
Mobile App

One incident of data breach could cost your company not just dollars but a lifetime of trust. In a race to develop top-notch mobile applications, companies sometimes miss important stages of scrutinizing the security. Unless and until you are assured of app safety, no way you can offer a secured

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AI powered dating app banner
Dating App DevelopmentMobile App Development

A decade ago, when we used to ask couples how they met, some would say “We met through common friends.” Later, it’s changed to “We met through a dating app” and now “We met through an AI-powered dating app.” In this technology-driven era when everything else has gone digital, why

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Mobile App Development

Consumer survey and market research become an integral part of every business and without proper data, your business may stop beating. And today’s researchers are increasingly looking to acquire surveys on mobile devices to get quick response. As mobile devices become more advanced, it opens up access to new types

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Mobile App Development

Over the past decade, there’s been a drastic rise in mobile app globally. Mobile applications have shaped up our everyday lives ever since their inception. Undeniably, they are redesigning daily and corporate tasks, helping us to develop an extensive network of professionals and innovators. With the competitive landscape intensifying, almost

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healthcare app development

Globally the healthcare apps are accelerating at a fast pace and so the mobile app development. Considering the continuous advancement of healthcare mobile app, it is evidence that it has brought a huge improvement in the healthcare sector. Health-related mobile apps manage the users experience efficiently. Some mHealth apps help

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Celebration and Events

Meet some incredible women of Sphinx Solutions who contribute equally to the growth of our company with their hard work. Here’s our small effort to appreciate their work and dedication. Check this infographic to know what they speak about Sphinx:

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Supply Chain Management with Blockchain
Blockchain Solutions

The modern supply chain ecosystem requires a new and hardcore solution to overcome its challenges. While the yesteryear’s supply chain was focused on availability, movement, and cost, now it is more about managing data, services and transporting goods in lesser time to their consumers. To create a greater edge over

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artificial intelligence for mobile apps
App DevelopmentArtificial IntelligenceMobile App Development

Over the past decade, we have seen many emerging technologies making their way into the mainstream industry verticals. Artificial Intelligence is one such technology which is contributing immensely to the current evolution of innovation. Mobile applications leave no stone unturned to stay ahead in trends that brought a huge transformation

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PoS software solution
Software Development

In today’s fast forwarding retail environment, you need tools that are as multifaceted as your business. Point of sale has a long history in the retail industry. This concept existed since 1879 and was initially used for registering transactions and to secure money. For decades, the role of the register

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