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Software DevelopmentTechnology

In 1963, IBM introduced data acquisition systems for data measurement, monitoring, and recording. This invention has changed the way how different industries gather information and work on it. Contemporary data acquisition systems are always electronic. They are designed to process multiple input channels. What is the data acquisition and control

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Mobile App DevelopmentTechnology

Have you ever tried to fit furniture in your room or to trail specs via an app? If yes, then you are already experiencing the fascinating world of Augmented Reality. Ever since the use of Augmented Reality on Pokemon Go, the market has seen a rise in the use of

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AI-Powered Chatbot Apps

Chatbots are the “wow” weapon to communicate with customers. It’s here to revolutionize the way our businesses communicate with the customers. Slowly and steadily, AI technology is taking over the digital space and chatbot is one of the needle movers. In the world of B2B and B2C marketing, chatbot app development has lately overshadowed email marketing

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bad mobile user experience
Alexa Skill DevelopmentApp DevelopmentMobile AppTechnology

Failure to retain mobile app users is a chance missed to create a rich, durable, and compelling relation with your customers. A compelling brand story and quality of your products or service are immaterial if your app flunks to retain the audience. After publishing a mobile app, you must figure

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EcommerceMachine LearningTechnology

More than 51% people in America like to shop online rather than in stores. According to industry experts, eCommerce sales that were $335 billion in 2015 will reach $523 billion by the end of 2020. The forecasted sublime growth in eCommerce industry is expected to be around 9.32% every year.

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For decades, a set of major forces worked together, to change the way we think about “technology”. So far, these radical forces have brought about evolutionary changes in software programming, virtual communications, and user interactions. Today, software’s and cloud infrastructure are increasingly combined with data and machine learning/Artificial Intelligence to

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App DevelopmentChatbotsIoTMachine LearningMobile AppTechnology

Hyper-connectivity has become an inevitable way of the future. To survive in the future, startup entrepreneurs, enterprises, and innovative technology leaders must stay prepared to face the challenges supposed to be posed by some innovative future trends in the technology and in digital mesh. Consequently, they will also need to

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