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How to Make a Successful Food Ordering App Like Dahmakan?

We are decoding the best of food ordering app with one of our blockbusters Dahmakan. Keep reading… 

Have you heard about ‘Cloud kitchen’? The food delivery and ordering apps are taken to the next level in a cloud kitchen model. With the increasing competition and advancing technology, creating a unique solution is a cult now. The latest on the market is cloud and delivery kitchen. 

The food ordering and delivery mobile apps are convenient, save time, and allow users to choose from a variety of food. According to Statista, the revenue in the online food delivery market is estimated to reach $156 million by 2023. 


Selected region only includes countries listed in the Digital Market outlook
Selected region only includes countries listed in the Digital Market outlook


Within different food ordering business models, Dahmakan comes under an independent cloud kitchen model. Dahmakan is Malaysia’s first food delivery app that consists of a single brand, a single kitchen, and no storefront fully integrated model. Here orders come online, the in-house chef cook, and their delivery rep delivers food directly to the customers. However, being a startup, you have to select the business model according to your aim and requirement. 

Global Comparison of Revenue Generation 



Types of food delivery business model

Order only model – This model offers an opportunity for users to order food from many restaurants. This model connects users with local restaurants and restaurants directly delivers the order. Now, depending upon the platform, it generates revenues by charging 7-15% of commission to restaurants for each order received. 

For example, Zomato comes with both order only and order & delivery model. For many restaurants, Zomato executive delivers the order, and for few, they directly send the order to the restaurants and their delivery executive delivers the order. 

Order and delivery model- Under this model, the platform takes care of logistics for restaurants, food stalls, and even home delivery. The eatery needs to do a partnership with the platform for order receiving and delivery of foods. 

For example, UberEats, Swiggy follow this business model. These platforms charge a 20-30% commission from the restaurant for each order and also charge a delivery fee from the customers. 

Fully integrated model- This model manages the entire food cycle and provides all the three services- ordering, cooking, and delivering. They have their in-house chefs, inventory manager, and delivery executives. It is an all-in-one platform for food ordering. 

For example, Dahmakan comes under this category. It is a cloud kitchen with no store-front following a fully integrated model. 

Things to consider before building a fully integrated model & cloud kitchen like Dahmakan

  1. Location is the priority. You need a local hub to prepare fresh foods. Check your delivery areas to ensure that the location of your kitchen is near the locations you are planning to cater. 
  2. Technology is the pillar for setting up a cloud kitchen. So, you need to have both an online ordering platform for the customers and a POS & order management for internal use. 
  3. Licensing is another crucial aspect you need to take care of all other things. From your FSSAI license to GST registration (if you are in India), you need to clear all necessary steps for safe trading. 
  4. How you can control the food cost. Using a restaurant management system that is integrated with POS, online ordering, inventory & order management & Analytics will help you. 

How we made Dahmakan app? 

We follow the agile methodology as it creates efficient team collaboration for fast development, more project discussion involving clients, and continuous testing of the app. 


Catering different lunch and dinner by in-house chefs with an accurate delivery time and delivery at the doorstep was their primary aim. Considering all possible requirements brought up by the clients, we did brainstorming before starting the backend task.

Design & Development

After studying the Malaysian market and user behavior, we came up with a dynamic design to suit their preferences. We created a fresh and robust UI for rich customer experience for both Android and IOS platform. Despite the intricate nature of the app, our team developed an extremely sleek and organized UX.

Challenges & Solutions

The challenge was to design a suitable and highly scalable database like NoSQL to accommodate the wide variety of data models. We used MongoDB solutions as it enables us to handle highly diverse data types and thus supports working with large sets of distributed data. A cloud-based POS which offers online ordering was also integrated with the application to facilitate the work smoothly. We integrated Stripe payment system on the admin panel version for a fast and secure transaction. 


We were aiming at making the user experience smooth and engage the visitors on easy food ordering at their fingertips. Our developers customized the app with advanced features for efficient utilization. It was tested under different phases to make sure it is bug-free.

Things to remember: As the app offers freedom to pre-book the food for a week, we solved it using machine learning for better food prediction and excellent service. The AI and machine learning improved the food inventory management system maintaining smooth operation and great customer satisfaction.  

Current Market position of Dahmakan

So far, Dahmakan has raised funds amounting 9 million dollar and looking to extend its reach in Southeast Asia too.

Market Position of Dahmakan 

dahmakan market share


Also, you can see the Google trends snapshot showing the interest in Dahmakan. 

dahmakan trend


How much does it cost to develop a Dahmakan-like app

Any food app version is divided into three categories: Driver app, User app, and the admin panel. Now, the cost of an app like Dahmakan depends on whether you are planning for a Native or Cross Platform application. Also, the app is for Android or iOS platform.

The cost of outsourcing mobile app development also widely vary on the location of the company. The complexity and functionality, time required, development team involved, and use of different tools influence the overall cost. 

Technology Stack

dahmakan technology stack

Need consultation on the cost of an app? Our sales rep can provide you a free quotation. 

In sum, technology is reshaping the food service industry worldwide. You need to leverage the latest technology to disrupt the entire business model to stand out from your competitors. In the market where platforms like Dahmakan, Swiggy, UberEats, FoodPanda, and Zomato already made their mark, you need to set a new level with the power of cloud kitchen or any other business model. 

We recommend taking help of Machine Learning and other latest technology. We can assist you to develop your first mobile app.

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