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Launching an App? Here are 5 smart marketing tips to boost your app’s launch success

It’s not about developing your dream app; it’s also about marketing your app like no one else. App launching and an app store optimizing needs equal attention like app development only. By the way, have you ever tried promoting your new app before it’s ready to launch?

If you wait until your app launches, you’re already behind getting the audience. The process should begin while your app is on development stage as it’s hard to get your mobile app noticed among millions of other apps in the marketplace.

Number of apps available in leading app store as of 1st quarter 2019



Besides, working on conventional strategies like studying the competitors, creating landing pages, App store optimization, and others, you need to try cool tricks as well. So, for a higher chance of initial app launch success, check this list:

1. Start thinking of marketing your app as soon as the concept & design is complete

From the minute the app designs are completed, start planning marketing strategies. Find out the reasons why your target audience should download the app and how to encourage them to do so. Marketing an app creates an expectation early. Users admire fresh ideas and latest apps, it is just that you have to present the app attractively.

2. Share promo code with few to have a look on App Store version

To create the buzz on social media, you can share promo code before the app goes live. Share this promo code with press contacts or industry experts to review your app and invite them on main launch day as well. This way, you can encourage people to look at the final App Store version without it being available to all.

3. Make an app press kit for potential customers and relevant media

Start with the keyword researching for optimizing pages and listings. You must include those keywords in your marketing material too. Your app’s full or a promotional website, video promo revealing the key features of the app, and press release or blog post must contain those keywords. Well, all these things as a whole refer to an app press kit, which makes it easier for anyone to know and write about your app.

With this press kit, you can also reach out to relevant media, industry influencers, and bloggers for reviewing your application. As soon as your app is ready, within the blog, you can include the app store screenshots, app icon, description, and links.

4. Market the app experience not just the idea

Remember, you are not launching this app for the sake of users to use it; instead, your app is about to offer a unique experience and solve the customer’s problem. Here your motive is to sell user the experience your app provides and let audience know how superior it is to any other experience they’ve previously had on mobile.

Research shows that 86% of consumers are likely to acquire when they have straightforward and understandable information. So, while writing the app store description, tell how the app will simplify users lives and not confusing the reader with every little feature and functionality. Seeing the market and customers reaction, you have to focus on the experiences that are unique to your app.

Sources of awareness of smartphone apps:

source of awareness_new

This data by Google survey shows around 40% of the users discover apps browsing the app store, 52% from friends, family & colleagues. However, if we consider the search engines and company website, we can see that the maximum chances of creating awareness for any mobile app are over internet.

So, focusing on content and keywords is crucial for any app.

% of app users who discover new apps through search engine by app category


Also, in this data, you can see the search is most useful for discovering any technology, travel, and local apps.

5. Monitor your app promotion across all channels

On launch day, it is crucial that you keep track of your app promotion updates across all channels. Besides, a robust website or promotional website, keep an eye on updating your social media account.

You can use tools like Buzzsumo or SEMrush to get real-time alerts about anything regarding your app. You need to set a goal on how quickly you want to respond to your social media audience; this, in turn, generates more interest in your app and increase the audience engagement with your brand.

Hope these tips have spurred on some new ideas to help you make your app marketing strategy. If you are looking for mobile app development or website development, we are here to turn your idea into reality.

In the meanwhile, talk to our sales rep to find what which application version is best for you.

Let us know what you think about mobile app and its business.

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