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Sphinx Solutions: Mobile Software Development With the Future in Mind

The use of mobile devices has grown at an exponential rate and marketers have struggled to keep up with this massive shift in digital interactions—from desktop computers to laptops, to tablets and cell phones. Each device has different use cases, with mobile perhaps being the most challenging for marketers: how to connect quickly and easily with consumers to convey the best information in a limited viewing area and, usually, with limited time?

Sphinx to the rescue! Launched in 2010, Sphinx Solutions build reliable mobile apps that delight users while providing relevant value. Our apps are consistently listed among the top 10 and top 100 in the app store and we’ve worked with clients that range from small entrepreneurial ventures to some of the world’s largest, and most demanding, companies—like Disney.

For our work, we’ve been featured by Clutch; our profile gives us exposure and broad recognition for our services. This type of recognition provides a tangible testament to our expertise and the value we provide our clients. The lists are compiled by Clutch, a Washington, DC-based analyst firm that identifies top service providers and solutions firms. The Clutch methodology is an innovative research process melding the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services.

The Sphinx Solution company profile and reviews offer potential customers a thorough summary of our services, including detailed charts showing prospective clients which industries we serve, a list of some of our clients, and a sense of what it’s like to work with us.

While we feel every element of our profile provides prospects with vital information, one of the most important features of our profile is the client reviews section, based on those in-depth interviews between our clients and Clutch analysts.

What’s unique about the reviews is that Clutch actually reaches out and interviews our clients over the phone. This allows our clients to give unbiased feedback about our products and services. While this feature might make some business owners nervous, we welcome the unbiased reviews—they’re the best way for us to get a good sense of how we’re doing. We want to constantly be evaluating and improving our services, and these interviews allow us to do that.

One of our clients, the co-founder, and CTO of a food and beverage startup said: “They’re extremely reliable. I don’t have much experience with other technology providers, but I found the process very easy. They bring good people to the table.”

Another client, the founder, and CEO of a consumer app startup said: “The reason we’ve worked with them for so long is that they are very disciplined and provide consistent quality work.”

Overall, we’re tremendously satisfied with what we’ve learned so far and we look forward to expanding our partnership with Clutch!

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