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How Sphinx is Ensuring Better Sales Team Tracking by Offering Customized Software Solutions?

Not sure how your sales team is working? Any sales team after a certain period requires a watch for the smooth running of the work. So, when you are looking to put a tighter grip on your sales process, you need a sales tracking software.

Most companies and business houses have their own sales team, who are involved in outdoor sales activities for selling or promoting their services & products. As the revenue generation depends on their productivity, keeping track of the team is crucial to understand the gap and areas how to improve the work.

You have to understand that employee monitoring & tracking is not about creating forceful norms on them; it is about making their work easy by boosting performance at a little cost.

What is a sales team tracking software?

The procedure of documenting the communication a lead has with the business & sales executive, right from the start to get into the funnel for becoming a customer is called sales tracking. Now, to track this process, you need to check how efficiently your sales team is performing. Here a sales team tracking software can help you.

Sales team tracking software is an efficient tracking, monitoring & reporting system that comes with convenient tools and workflows to speed up your sales team field operations. So, it’s a kind of one-in-all solution for all your sales requirements.

Let’s check how software or an app can help streamline your operations:

  1. You will get detailed & deeper insights into the sales funnel
  2. You can easily monitor the performance & quality checks from time to time
  3. You get to communicate better with your team by observing their behavior
  4. You can automate your sales team user dashboard
  5. Build a custom workflows whenever needed

It’s essential to align your marketing and sales team work to generate more leads. Identifying leads & sales funnel tracking is a vital part of the process.

Features you must consider before buying a sales team tracking software:

Geo tracking– Keeping an eye on your team is easy with this location tracking feature. It helps the admin to check the real-time location of every single member of the field team along with accurate information on their task list and achievement.

Track location of team

Besides, visits & meetings, activities recorded by the team during their fieldwork, along with expenses claims, are all stored under one page. This relevant information helps any business to quickly and dynamically deploy members to a productive assignment.

Easy attendance management option– This feature lets your team members report to their work from a different location on-field by clicking into the attendance system at the start of the work and click-out from their last visit location. This helps the team to get straight to work; even the remote unit can handle their attendance routine.

Manage attendance from field

Monitor the visits of a team– With the geotagging feature, it is helpful for the managers and team leaders to monitor the visits and progress of the assigned on-field executive. Also, it enables to set of reminders for the next meeting or follow-up, ensuring that all sessions are attended on right time.

Overview of the team– Interactive dashboard offers you with an overview of your sales team and their present location, distance covered, left appointments, and travel (additional) expenses so far. This dashboard feature also comes with insights for the managers to help them measure the performance of the sales and field team and assign tasks when needed.

Interactive dashboard

Managing customer address– Maintaining the customer address database is accessible as location awareness maintains the quality of the database. Whether it’s an old customer who’s has changed office or a new client, your sales representative can ‘pin’ the address in geo-tracking screen for offering accurate information about customer address.

Simplified expense reimbursement process– As the software comes with a provision to record all the timing of work and movement of a sales rep; it makes reimbursement calculation easy too.  Sending reimbursement expenses is easy via a mobile application to accounts or managers.

Expense Reimbursement
Easy expense reimbursement

Offline mode– Keeping in mind the unmatched productivity of your team, you can customize the features on your sales tracking software and implement offline mode will to help your teamwork seamlessly without an internet connection. Your team can manage all their regular works, including using customized mobile forms over offline mode.

How we developed a sales team tracking software for one of India’s trusted steel bar manufacturers?

We are always trying to add more value to our software products through innovations. As per our client’s requirement we developed a compact sales team tracking software with admin panel and application for the members.

After studying their team size, style & pattern of tasks, unique proposition and keeping the market trend in mind, we designed a simple yet organized UX. As per their industry needs, we added features to directly contact with dealers, upload market survey, and option to make master reports as well.

Both admin panel and Android application are configured with a flexible set of rules which continue to be cost-effective and error-free. Using a customized solution has more long-term and sustainable advantages.

sales tracking blog cta

How can we support your business?

Sphinx’s customized solution can help you to track the productivity of your team in real-time instantly. The software solution we have is not just a sales force tracker but a sales team enabler for your business. The smooth functionality, interface and precise features help on-field reps to use the application effortlessly. You don’t have to think about the operational risks anymore, and rather the software can handle all the minute detail of each member to improve the quality of work.

From accurate reimbursement calculation to maintaining timesheet, our advanced solution ensure higher efficiency and precision throughout your sales processes.

Our tailor-made software, especially for your enterprise & mobile tracking system, helps you get ahead of the competition utilizing more opportunities on the process.

Take a demo, talk to a software expert.

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