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The motive of this website is to achieve a high potential of significant growth by aligning synergetic products and service offerings.



A professionally designed website to increase conversion rates

The website as a whole is an example of dedicated efforts of creative minds bundled together to build a fully customized website. A clear and concise value statement properly aligned and neatly highlighted communicates the purpose of the website almost immediately.

Creative and beautiful banners with meaningful taglines and neatly placed CTA buttons provide s single but primary call to action at first sight.

Whitespace, color contrast, conversion design rules, and model dialogs for supplementary information does a complete justice with the concept and content of the website. The choice of imagery, use of palette colors as well as the interactive icons; virtually communicate with users creating a strong sense of trust by developing an urge to get involved.

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Clear value proposition, simple navigation and consistent CTA’s

The navigation panel is neatly placed in the right corner of the website. The inner page titles are placed right off the bat allowing visitors to find details of products/services and other offerings in a smart way.

The neatly and thoughtfully placed CTAs on every page of the website. Furthermore, all CTAs are consistent with imminent messages and same color grabbing attention of the users.

High-quality content engages in an honest and open dialog with visitors. First, they get all the information they need and then they can decide what and which service or product to opt for.

Strong clarity, clean endorsements and good use of highlighters

Responsive design, an optimized website and string clarity in value proposition make this website stand out in the crowd. The home page, as well as the inner pages are broken down vertically in a way that makes them digestible. The headline is simple and inviting; one-liners are funky and urge action.

Endorsement of products and services in inner pages is kept minimalistic bringing some core benefits to your attention. Although an extended stripe stops you in your tracks and brings the Create an Account CTA to your attention. It is a creative gesture from our UI/UX developers to increase the attraction of visitors.

The use of white space makes all the pages very easy to read, the pricing structure is bang on target ensuring better conversion rate for the actual users.

Our technology stack

phpangularsjava j2ee

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Sphinx provided comprehensive mobile app development services to many startups,
which later emerged as top brands. Do you want to develop the next brand?

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