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Revolutionizing the advertising industry with an innovative concept of smart ads, Ochi is a web platform gaining increased acceptance as an effective mode of consumer engagement.



Single page website effectively generating leads for client

An interactive banner with a clear tagline instantly connects with users letting them understand the actual concept behind the website. Adequate text to background contrast as the white text is used on tinted images enhances the readability of text.

Neatly aligned font size and font spacing make the content easy to read, sparingly used flash and other add-ons provide an authoritative look to enhance clients goal.

White space is the designer’s best friend and our designers play very well and creatively with white space to increase the accessibility and overall impression of the website.

Flat colors, customized icons, and relatable images ensure visitors seamlessly understand the actual concept of Ochi.

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Progressive design using modern web capabilities enhances user experience

Since this is a single page website, the navigation menu is clear and concise. The main navigation is clearly visible and easily identifiable. Using reasonable click to action buttons and placing them at exact positions after relative content, the plan to authenticate and increase click ratio is elegantly achieved.

Icons are customized to meet the precise client demands. We placed the critical content above the fold by keeping major headings clear and descriptive. Color palette and iconography is another element that effectively uses design elements and content to generate leads.

Minimalistic design, simplistic interface avoiding upsell wins users heart

Although we knew that website would be used to generate leads, we wanted to keep it minimalistic and simplistic. We ensured it by keeping the design as simple as possible and designing the UI as minimalistic as possible.

Text boxes with clean color background imitates website theme and help in providing upbeat information in the most simple and convenient way. The call to action buttons at the bottom serves the purpose of extending information about the product and services and benefits received by the visitor.

Overall, the website is well organized, keeping backend manageable, the usability and accessibility on toes and interface reluctantly seamless.

Our technology stack

phpangularsjava j2ee

What our clients say

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