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When you are on the way to health, well-being and obtaining a dream figure, the Kiloss-Coach along with its well-laid weight loss plan will help you.


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Your healthy way to life
starts with your diet

Every beginning is difficult! Kiloss is developed to help you achieve health, well-being and your dream figure. The app is meant to help users in implementing their individual/personalized Kiloss program.

Plan your diet, install your kiloss days according to your needs and the app will record your success keeping track of your achievements.

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The intelligent Fast & Drinking
Reminder to aid your Kiloss plan

The concept of Kiloss Coach is based on creative fasting. A whole day without having to eat a bite – the secret for long kilos days is distraction!

Go out into the nature and enjoy the fresh air, treat yourself to a movie visit with your best friend, häkle a headband, lie briefly in the sun... do whatever you want to do distract your mind from eating. In the meantime, the app will remind to drink optimum water at regular intervals, ensuring you do not dehydrate.

The Central

It is more than app; it’s a
community of likeminded people

Users who get exceptional results after using Kiloss Coach are free to motivate other users by being a Coach themselves. They can share experiences, exchange reports, discuss on different tips and tricks to lose weight effectively using Kiloss Coach App.

The Kiloss community is an endless source of motivation and support for users interested to lose weight successfully

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Track your achievements with
a personal nutritional plant

One of the major USPs of Kiloss App is the ability of users to reward themselves. Users can reward themselves for a successful Kiloss day. The time you normally need to eat, you can spend with other things for which there is no time - and if that is only half an hour of noon.

The Kiloss app helps you to recognize and measure all these successes - kilos days, savings, weight loss and timesaving’s.

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