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Personal cloud based Wellness and Medical record management systems. An Active Community of online users across the globe interested in the domain of wellbeing

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Capture every aspect of your wellbeing

Record your daily activities, and integrate fitness app and gadgets if using any. The speedy and elegant user interface allows you to you can store as many records as possible under your wellness records in well-defined categories. The best thing is you can incorporate images and notes thereby keeping health record just a finger touch away.

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Keep track of your daily health activities

The app allows you to enter your daily notes, vital health measures, and activities either manually or by entering some of the required information. The app is designed to sync with other fitness gadgets like Fit Bit, Apple Watch or Google Fit.

You can save this record or if you want, you can share it with the other Hilo community.

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Hilo community – spread awareness on health & wellbeing issues

The Hilo community is a keyword-based social media platform, allowing access to anyone interested in having some insight on a certain wellness situation and to those interested in sharing wellness information. As a Hilo.Online community member, you can keep track of all questions and articles you have posted. Join specialized subject groups or create your own groups and invite people from the community.

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Maintain, Manage and Share your wellness record

Record all your basic and advance medical records in one place. Record details of healthcare visits or test results into your wellness record. You can upload, lab tests, blood reports and even X-rays under these records.

The beauty of this app is you can authorize others to update your record with your permission.

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Get nearby health and wellness facilities.

Find nearby health and wellness facilities that are catering to your precise healthcare and wellbeing needs.

Using this feature, user can get access to nearby hospitals, healthcare centers, salons, pharmacies and pathology labs.

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