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It is hard to resist Kings Hawaiian sweet bread and it’s equally hard to resist hamburgers, sweet rolls and hot dog buns baked by the Kings Hawaiian. This website is an online platform we created for the California based baking firm to sell their bread and unique products to people who could not buy them in grocery shops.



A website that connects well and performs well

Kings Hawaiian is a popular brand due worldwide and we were challenged to create the same uniqueness in the website design. As all other Kings Hawaiian websites and products packaging are done using an orange background, we settled for the same color, as it has become the major USP of the brand.

A graphical slider containing mouthwatering images of the different products grace the homepage. Leaving no space for fluffy content and ensuring the website offers a clean and direct message of its purpose we, designed the homepage that actually tells the entire website story in a single page

Scan the Chocolate Cover

A palatable website with clean, flat and primarily typographical design

Kings Hawaiian for the first time created a marketplace for their own products as well as other vendors interested to sell their products prepared using Kings Hawaiian bread.

Helpful visually balancing images, the plenty and creative use of white space along with a clear, concise and neatly placed call to action buttons walk every uses through the entire website functionality in a seamless manner.

A context-based design adds another layer of interactiveness to the website. Smooth flow, short and neatly placed content only wherever necessary increases authenticity and charm of the website yielding expected results.

The Bold and Beautiful pricing page annotates precise user requirements

The ‘pricing’ page needs special mention. The idea our client to let users calculate pricing according to their requirements and view how they could earn ROI is an innovative approach to win customers.

We brought this concept into reality by introducing a customized application form to understand the precise services or reasons for which A2Iservices are needed. Based on this a customized pricing quote is presented to the prospect.

The ROI page is another concept that describes, informs and notifies users to understand how to calculate ROI and how they will earn ROI after availing A2I services.

Minimal design, clean knowledge transfer, and transparency are playing its part in making this website a success.

Our technology stack

phpangularsjava j2ee

What our clients say

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