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Our Web Data
Extraction Paradigm

Add terrific value to your business with our bespoke and innovative Kapow Robot Development Services. Our swift, effective and excellent data extraction & scrapping services will help you in extracting right data, at the right time and in the right format. Our exceptional Kapow experience empowers us to retrieve data from any source like local, state, federal statistics, compliance information, job listings, product catalogs, customer sentiment, competitive pricing from a number of web-based sources. We emphasize on precision data extraction, integration and automation ensuring accuracy for commanding high value of the information you provide.

Our Web Data
				Extraction Paradigm

Why Kofax Kapow Robots

Kapow Robots is probably the only software that has exceptional ability to extract the extensive amount of data using different sources to give you only unique and structured data. By minimizing, the time required for scripting and coding it offers precise & significant information/data necessary for your business intelligence, Information Technology, and other various systems.

Kofax Kapow Robots why Kofax Kapow Robots
  • We build sophisticated intelligent robots that automate specific data-driven activities.
  • We develop custom solutions that encompass many robots.
  • Get application automation support as we support the execution of multiple robots concurrently on a single server.
  • Automated extraction and transformation of data from enterprise applications, databases, web sites, portals, Excel and more.
  • Automate process activities using intelligent rules-based robots that interact with enterprise applications like CRM, ERP and ECM systems.

Our Robot Development Process

18 APR


Database Design

Database Design

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

10 APR
Maintenance Framework

Maintenance Framework

Benefits we offer To Our Clients

Swift & Effective

Web Data Extraction Project Kick off

We will offer you detailed specification of the solution architecture once we have built the necessary Bot. Next, we will deploy it with our systems and train your resources for a seamless working as per specifications.


Health Check

Our work actually starts after deploying bots in your systems. We thoroughly check your system for performance and scalability, automation & scheduling, System architecture, New functionality and Advanced Robot development capabilities.

Customized BI Dashboards

Customized Solutions

We rely on customized solutions to meet unique needs of every business. We take care of all your personalized needs from project to operational management and from QA/Testing to solution architecture.

Customized Solutions

Content Migration Implementation

While offering content migration services we strictly follow a high standard implementation methodology. We have Diminutive iterative cycles that visually extract and load content refining business logic, with each iteration.

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