Kapow Robot

Our Robot Development Paradigm

Extract right data at the right time in the right format to add terrific value to your business by our unique and revolutionary Kapow Robot Development Service. Our swift, effective and world class poet development services empower you to retrieve different data, such as local, state and federal statistics, compliance information, job listings, product catalogues, customer sentiment, competitive pricing from a number of web based sources e.g. – websites, web portals, and MS Excel. We take a holistic approach for developing huge libraries of polished extraction agents.

Our Robot Development Process

Identification / Research

Our development starts with a cozy discussion with our clients, where we identify the sources from where you want to extract the data, output format and overall business objective.

Sources from where most authentic, updated information can be retrieved.

Quality Assurance

Identify key data points

Assigning acceptance levels to data entity

Programmed and Manual quality assertion testing

Separate quality assurance from all the angles i.e. Technical and business

Database Design

Recognize mandatory data spot

Devising Implementation method

Ensuring all the data you get is unique

Data Scrubbing

Alteration of Data in Required Format

Maintenance Framework

Tailored maintenance schedule


Personalized reports

What We Offer to Our Clients

Kapow Project Kick-Off

Once, we are done with “Building Bots” we give you full specification of solution architecture, deploy it with your system and provide training to your resources for a glitch free working as per specifications.

Health Check

After deploying robots with your system we do a thorough check from top to bottom into the following areas

  • Performance and Scalability
  • Automation and Scheduling
  • Systems Architecture
  • New Functionality
  • Advanced Robot Development

Tailor Made Solution

Sphinx Solution strongly believes each business has their specific requirements. Our custom services are designed to serve your specific personalized business needs including:

  • Project Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Advanced Robot Development
  • Operational Management
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Cloud Hosting Services

Content Migration Implementations

Precisely our content migration service, we follow a standard implementation methodology. Have a glimpse over it:

  • Diminutive, iterative development cycles
  • Visually extract and load content
  • Refine business logic with each iteration
  • Based on content migration best practices

Why Kapow Robots

Kapow Robots give the ability to extract of an extensive variety of data/information available through the web and give you structured data. It surgically evacuates the significant information and nourishment it for your business intelligence, Information Technology and other various systems by minimizing time in coding, scripting and other manual work.


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