Image Moderation Service

Our Reliable & Cost effective Image Moderation Service, which makes a difference

Are you one of them who consistently engage and communicate with their customers or audience with the power of World Wide Web? Use Image Moderation Service to aegis your brand reputation from attackers and inappropriate content; so it can accede with global regulations and you can offer a safe, clean and professional environment to your users. At Sphinx Solution we work hard to protect your brand from Spam, Copyright breaches, flagged, abusive or any such which can ruin your image over any channel.


Swift & Effective

We offer quick, effective & glitch free image moderation services in 24*7 environment. Our skilled moderators ensure, whenever any image gets uploaded it immediately get reviewed, moderated and gets live.

Obstinate Quality

Quality is our USP, where we never compromise at any circumstance. Our quality vow team strictly monitors the quality of each moderated image and ensures that your site provides a safe & healthy environment for your audience and is aligned with your brand policies.

Cost Effective

We comprehend the concerns of our clients for getting such partner which does not compromise with quality, but rather additionally is concerned about your budget constraints. Our cost efficacious solution will compel you to make us your image moderation partner.

Customized Solution

Every business has diverse desiderata. At Sphinx Solution we give you culminate adaptability to get a custom and flexible answer for your intriguing need which can adjust to your business destinations.

Our Moderation Criteria

At Sphinx Solution we strictly follow standard moderation guidelines, we don’t allow to live any of such image which falls in following categories:

Violence and threats

Illegal drug use

Copyright Infringement

Illegal Advertisement


Nudity and pornography

Graphic content


Child-related issues (COPA compliance and cyberbullying)

Identity and privacy

Hate speech

Phishing and spam

Our Image Moderation Process

Our highly skilled team of moderators works in 24*7 environments to protect your brand from unwanted scammers, attackers or spammers from any such content which void community guidelines and against brand compliance.

As per requirement According to your requirements our trained Image Moderators check every image and send it to quality assurance team for final approval.

According to output and threat level we take necessary course of actions including permanent blocking of users, warning message reporting user and if it is much necessary then do take legal actions against abuse, porn, violence, child porn etc.

Our Process starts with :

Recognition of your prospective threats

Arrange compulsory course of action

Construct the moderation system.

Build appropriate acceleration channel.

Begin with daily moderation.

The Unique Value We Deliver from Our Viable Image Moderation Service

To give your online crowd a complete, protected, secure, charming and solid experience our teams of expert moderators consistently work in a manner of 24/7. Here are a few advantages of joining hands with Sphinx Solution–

Protect your brand and your reputation without wasting time or resources

Strict Quality control and comply with standards

Customized solution as per your community and brand standards and guidelines

Proficient, knowledgeable and expert Moderation experts who are well versed with your industry niche.

You can escalate your services to any scale, ability to handle complex and big projects efficiently in very effective manner.

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