7 Deadly Mistakes That Are Costing You Sales Online

If you are a new business, selling a great product or service at a reasonable price online, to a targeted market but are not seeing satisfactory sales, there is a good chance that you are committing some of the following deadly mistakes that decrease your conversions (sales). You could avoid committing them, to increase your sales over a short period.

1. Having a Shabby Website

93% of online shoppers consider the website’s design as an important factor while making their decision to buy. Therefore, if you have a shabby website, that has either been designed poorly or does not adhere to the latest design standards, you are losing out on a lot of business, since 52% of shoppers say that they would abandon a shabby looking website instantly and never return. Also, 42% of shoppers say that, without even looking at what you sell, they base their overall opinion of your business based on the aesthetic appeal of your website.

2. Hard to Use Website

76% of online shoppers say that a website’s ease of use is one of the most important characteristics of a good business. If you make the visitor jump through hoops to buy your product or service, most of them wouldn’t care to take the effort. A lot of new online businesses, in their drive to get more users, force the visitors to register to their website or sign up to receive their newsletter, just to enable them to browse their websites. Research shows that, if you are forcing your visitor to register to your website to complete her checkout, you are losing out on 45% of sales.

3. Slow Website

slow websiteIf your website contains high-resolution images or auto-loading videos, it is probably slow to load. A website that takes more than 2 seconds to load completely, is considered too slow since Amazon has discovered that for every 100 milliseconds your website takes to load, you are missing out on 1% in sales. Also, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you should be seeing a 65% bounce rate for this single reason.

4. Forcing the Customer to Pay with Credit card

paymentA lot of shoppers say that they are hesitant to give their credit card information on a website they are not familiar with. Also, even customers who are familiar with your business might not always have their credit cards handy. Therefore, if you are providing credit cards as your only payment option on your website, you are losing out on around 50% in sales. You could increase your conversion rate by enabling Amazon pay and Paypal, which a lot of online shoppers are comfortable with.


5. Not Implementing Trust Signs

payment securityIf you have not implemented an SSL certificate and a Verisign (or similar) trust seal on your website, you are not giving new visitors to build trust in your business. 61% of online shoppers say that they expect to see the ‘padlock’ symbol on the address bar (SSL certificate) before they decide to purchase from your website. Trust signs are all the more important to a new business.





6. Surprise Charges on Checkout

Ifpayment details you do not disclose all the charges on the product page and surprise the visitor with unexpected charges at the checkout page, you are directly responsible for more than half of shopping cart abandonment. 56% of online shoppers say that they have abandoned their products during checkout when the seller presented them with unexpected charges.



7. Terrible Customer Service

Customer-ExpectationsIf you do not pay attention to the quality of your customer service, chances are it is terrible and are actually turning away prospects who were once interested in your product or service. This is because 76% of online shoppers view customer service as the true test of how business values its customers.

Also, if you are forcing your customers to use email support in case they have any questions, a lot of prospects will not be interested in buying from you. This is because 57% of shoppers say that they would prefer to talk to their vendors over the phone and another majority of shoppers say that they would prefer to talk to the support agent over Live Chat support, which they find to be efficient. If you are not providing Live Chat support on your Business to Business website, you are already losing out on 20% of leads.

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