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Anish Desai

Chief Strategist
Anish Desai, founder and chief strategist of Sphinx Solution is the marketing mastermind who takes the hold of being the brain behind strategies & methodologies. With his booming years of experience in advertising, marketing and branding he continues to motivate and escort the team with his wisdom, expertise and business ethics to reach to the next level of success. He is deeply intertwined with strategy formulation on the basis of long term marketing trends.


Anand’s passion for innovation and technology has made him the driving force behind making this organization the synonym of ‘Tech Expertise’ and ‘Innovation’. He holds excellent management with futuristic view along with over 12 years of experience in working with some prestigious organization and developing mobile & web app, desktop application & complex software development. He still didn’t rest on his laurels and continues to take Sphinx to next level of success.


Business Developer
An explorer of new concepts and business models, Nitesh fulfills the responsibility of a business developer at Sphinx Solution. His duties include exploring up-to-the-minute concepts, business models and converting dynamic & strong ideas into actuality. His experience includes turning 60 different ideas into reality related to heath care, ecommerce, travel and education industry. He takes every action considering the global target audience’s pain areas.


Digital Marketing Manager
Akhilesh holds the designation of digital marketing manager at Sphinx Solution. he continues to influence organization’s digital marketing success. His blend of technical knowledge and managerial experience allows him to hold the responsibility of being the gate keeper of Sphinx’s brand reputation. His years of experience and knowledge include generating website traffic growth, brand development, advertising revenue, website UI, developing brand strategy & statistics system.


Human Resource Manager
Cheerful and enthusiastic Krishna perfectly bridges the gap between employer and employees for successful contribution of all towards organization’s growth. Her empathy, respect towards her co- workers along with emotional maturity helps her balance between being compassionate and professional. Confident, rational thinker, optimistic, responsive leader and a unique futurist helps her motivate employees through recognitions and awards. Her attributes guide her in taking the right decision in improving employees’ performance and contributing towards organizational growth. She firmly follows work hard and party harder.


UI/UX Specialist
Ajay’s artistic skills advocates for his work. He leaves no stone unturned in paying attention towards visual details and graphic aspect of application which does not leave him to stay back in being updated with latest style, design and trends. His focus towards user’s attention on detail and static appeal allows him to deliver breathtaking website design.

His work experience of over 5 years along with his structure, simplicity and visibility principle have taken him to deliver pixel perfect web design.


Web Design Specialist
Sarvesh Verma’s creative and original website designing enables the organization to make a line that sets it apart from average industries. His every design catches attention and embarks on a new level of conveying message. He is established as an exceptional graphic designer with expertise in SQL, HTML, Java Script, C, CSS, and PHP

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